The dungeon is coming!

After months of searching, deliberating, and planning, my own dungeon space is coming together! So excited to have my own little lair again.

It will be a bijou little affair, but my furniture from MIV Furniture (@mivfurniture on twitter) is due to be delivered in early December. I have designed pieces to my exacting specifications, with a high quality finish you won’t see anywhere else. Pieces of note will be my custom spanking bench (with restraints, of course) for all my CP enthusiasts and a bespoke bondage bench, complete with a cage stashed underneath, so you will feel completely powerless and at the mercy of my whims.

All my equipment will be coming out of storage to provide a full range of torment and tease and I am adding to my stash of equipment on a weekly basis. There is a full range of paddles, crops and canes, CBT equipment, and rope and restraints to cater for almost any session activity.

The dungeon is being decorated to my preferred colour scheme (no ‘red and black’ like most dungeons seem to be) and promises to be a sensual, scented place with candles and soft furnishings.

I should be operational by early/mid December, so do keep your eyes peeled. It will be a VERY lucky sub who is granted the honour of christening my chamber. Will it be you?


Every Mistress conducts their affairs exactly as they wish, and for me, that means any new submissive to me is required to pay part of the session fee in advance to secure their booking – a mere £50 to confirm that I will be available to see you. Why? I’ll tell you.

As is well-known by Mistresses and other people working in the sex industry, there are many many reasons why a client will make a booking and not show up. Some of them get kicks out of speaking to a Mistress, so will make a booking, talk about the things they like, what they would want from a session, and never have the slightest intention of showing up. Often, I can tell when a caller has their dick in their hand whilst speaking to me, but not always. So do I fill my diary with bookings that will never show up? I would be foolish to.

Some submissives have the best of intentions, but they may be nervous, it might be their first time, they may have thought it was a great idea when they were drunk but in the cold light of day, they can’t go through with it. I understand this, but this is my livelihood – I cannot plan around ‘maybes’.

A deposit is only ever required for the first session a sub has with me and I expect at least 24 hours notice. This is because I invest in my sessions – every one is crafted to cultivate our chemistry, a client’s desires, pushing gently at limits, ensuring safety and a myriad of other things. It is a relationship which often continues into further sessions, deepening the bond. For returning subs, I have a little more idea as to what they like, how they like to play and so on, so I can sometimes accept a same-day appointment, never worrying about deposits for subsequent sessions. A bond is established. Trust is built, mutually.

I need to be able to rely on my submissives and that they turn up when they say they will. To prepare for a session, I must make sure everything is clean and tidy, I have the correct equipment checked over and ready to use, have any furniture in place. I have to ensure I am dressed appropriately for the session (corsets or latex can take a while to get into sometimes!), that my hair and make up are immaculate and that I am thoroughly rested and ready for the physical and emotional demands of the session including looking out for my submissive’s welfare. If I did that every time a person rang or emailed, with the number of time wasters that are out there, I would spend far much more time prepping for sessions that I would actually conducting them.

I offer a professional service that I have trained extensively for. If you were to book a comparable service (say, an event photographer or a bespoke tailor), they would almost certainly ask for a deposit also. It is to protect your booking and assure us you are a genuine sub. It means I have the time to plan and enhance your session. It is to make your time with me as good as it can be.


So show your respect, do the work, and pay your deposit. You’re opening up a world of exquisite pain and pleasure. It’s worth it.

On being a big beautiful woman.


As those of you with functional eyes may have now realised, I am indeed plus sized. I’m roughly a UK size 20 and I have no idea what I weigh. And, contrary to what the patriarchy tells me I should feel, I am by and large (pun intended) pretty happy with my body.

This wasn’t always the case. I used to be very unhappy with my body. I scrutinised the curve of my belly, the size of my breasts, the way my thighs jiggled. I barely ate and swam at least 30 lengths at least three times a week. I was a size ten. And I was miserable.

Various life events, not least taking various medications, meant my weight gradually rose over the years and here I am at 35 years old with a body I didn’t choose and I adore it. This body takes up space, demands attention. I cannot (and will not) shrink into the background. It is part of my dominance – I am a presence. I can also use my ample curves to smother, suffocate and jiggle in session to titillate and crush in equal measures. This body is strong and I wield it like a weapon.

My ample tummy may mean you do not see me squeezed into the corsets and waist-cinchers that other Dommes may favour, but whether you want to call me curvy, plus-sized, BBW or thick, my body is beautiful and I’ve never been happier with the way I look. When I was thin, I still had parts of my body I scrutinise and that hasn’t changed. But it will never change, because of the society I have grown up in. What I choose to change is my mindset.

I am beautiful, every curve is a blessing and you are welcome to come and worship. Can you handle me?

Welcome to the new site!

Greetings, darklings. Welcome to My new site.

People have been asking for a little detail about Me as a Domme, so do peruse the site and drop Me a line if you’d like to see any additions. Be polite and realise I may not listen to your opinions.

As for the new site, a few notes. I am not new to Cambridge, nor am I new to Domming! I trained as a Domme some years ago in the North of England and then took time off to pursue some other interests, engage in some further education (I have a masters degree), grow and mature. Now I am in My mid-thirties, I find myself in the salubrious city of Cambridge and now have the means and the inclination to return to pro Domming with My own chamber in the works.

Finding the perfect chamber is proving more difficult than I had initially hoped, so I am conducting sessions from a discreet domestic premises in the North of the city. To reflect the lack of traditional dungeon furniture and unique dungeon atmosphere, these will be offered at a reduction to My usual hourly rate.

As for My style of Domming, it is both traditional and unusual. While My dynamic very much depends on the slave, I can be playful and laugh through a session, or I can be cruel and strict. I cherish My pets but can also be harsh with My punishments. While I love some traditionally feminine looks, I am rarely seen in heels or in traditional ‘Dominatrix gear’. I like unusual and bold fashion and present Myself exactly as I wish for sessions.

Lastly, and quite obviously, I am a plus-sized woman. I love all of My curves and am not seeking to change that. I flaunt My curves and use them to My advantage. If you are looking for a ‘BBW’ mistress or a mistress you know has the power to smother or break you, then you are welcome to make a polite application to serve Me.

Who is brave enough to approach Me? Come and play.