One year on – changes are afoot.

I realised today that I am a few days past My one year anniversary of returning to Domming. And what a year it has been! Putting together My own little chamber, welcoming all manner of submissives, slaves and fetishists to session with Me, and reaching out to other Dommes for work and pleasure. It has truly been very special for Me to return to an industry that I respect and adore, and to know I have made a difference in the lives of my subs and slaves. I don’t take it for granted.

But the tides are changing and I must change with them. I can’t go into the many reasons publicly, but I am hereon in going to be a part time Domme. One of the reasons I can go into is that… the political and social climate we are in is in pieces and I need to do something about it. I am very privileged – I’m white, middle class, able-bodied, cisgendered, educated and financially secure. Between Boris and Brexit and the SWERFS and the TERFs, people without privilege are being shat on from a great height and I can’t sit in My dungeon and do nothing about it. So I’m going to shed the full time, ‘stacking up every session to fill my working week’ attitude and refocus. I’m very lucky that I have the luxury to do this as many do not.

I shall be using my vanilla professional skills to make a difference, so will be less available and less active on Twitter and so on. My phone will not always be on, I cannot promise a same-day response to emails. BUT! I am not leaving you all behind completely. My face may disappear from my online photos but I am still here for my cherished regulars and will even take on new subs if they are suitably interesting and polite. It’s just that my appointments will be scarce and only available with very advanced warning.

My chamber is still available to local and travelling Mistresses and I will carry on training aspiring Dommes. All that is changing is that I need to spend more time doing good in the community and less time tormenting the perverted and depraved. Anyone who knows me will know about the volunteer work I do as well as full time Domming and my passion about equal rights – now it just needs to take centre stage.

My time has become more scarce and more precious and you will be privileged if I grant you an audience. Who will make the grade, I wonder..?

And finally, a huge thanks to those who have been supporting Me through this strange time. You know who you are and I cherish you.


Everyone loves to receive a gift but there is a lot of joy in giving. You see the excitement of them wondering what lies beneath the paper and ribbons, the intrigue as they peel back the layers and the delight of discovering what someone has chosen just to please them and make them smile. And subs and slaves do like to bring gifts for their Dommes, to please them, to attempt to curry favour, to make their lives a little bit brighter or a little bit easier.

Chocolate and flowers are common gifts but I’m afraid I find them well-intentioned but lazy gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive bespoke items (although they are always well-received) but for Me, it has to be something that shows Me a sub has thought about Me and My needs and wishes, about what I as an individual would cherish. Have a look through My twitter, even resort to My wishlist (where there are many reasonable items listed) to ensure that you can bring me something I truly would enjoy.

While I do like the finer things in life, a really special and impactful gift can cost next to nothing at all. A sub had once noticed on My twitter that I needed a minor repair on a dripping tap and came to session with a washer (which probably cost him 5p) and some tools and used the last ten minutes of his session time to fix it for Me. He showed an active interest in pleasing Me and worked to improve my life, even if in a small way. Handmade things which cost little more than the time and energy to make them are truly special and personal. Knowing my food tastes and bringing little unusual delicacies from your own kitchen could certainly make My eyes light up. Bringing My favourite brand of tea or something grown in your garden would be delightful. It’s all about the intention and how thoughtful you can be that adds value.

For Me, Dominance need not be about having vast quantities of expensive kit, just as gift-giving does not have to be diamonds and designer dresses (although, of course, I wouldn’t turn them away). It’s about taking the time to research and get to know your Domme and bring them something from the heart. 

A sad bunch of tulips from a petrol station just doesn’t cut it. Bring Me something that means something.

New addition – leather bondage body bag!

Isn’t it a beauty? Very happy to announce the latest addition to My dungeon of a beautiful 100% leather bondage bag. It has adjustable bondage straps to ensure a snug fit, internal sleeves so you really are immobilised and swaddled tightly, full face coverage for sensory deprivation which removes quickly with poppers if I need to see your face and so much more! The lacing up the legs means I can pull it in tight to really reduce your movement ability and clasps across the chest to cinch you in. There are removable patches over the nipples in case I need to torture you with clamps or pegs and, as ever, my bondage bench can strap you on tightly so no matter how much you squirm, you’ll be safe and sound.

If this is a bit too intimidating and formal, I also have some pallet wrap which does a grand job of keeping you all snug and tight, but offers the option of quick removal for those new to mummification or of a nervous disposition. One of My subs was delighted to experience this a few days ago, immobilised and completely under My control while I teased him, tickled his feet and generally tormented him for My amusement. See below for a picture I took while I let him have a moment of rest from my cruel ways.


Would you like to come and experience what it’s like to be completely unable to move, no chance of escape except at My mercy? Swaddled and safe, inhaling the sweet scent of real leather? Come and book a session with Me to explore the ultimate in sensory deprivation and submission to My control. [email protected]


I wanted to say a word on limits. By which I mean, not those of My subs, but My own.

A submissive’s journey with Me will heavily rely on what limits they have and how hard those limits are. Whether it’s ‘please Mistress, no marks’ or ‘humiliate me completely but please no comments on my weight’, everything is heard and respected. As time goes on and the relationship between Myself and My submissives deepens and develops, those limits may be gently challenged and pushed at to level up the intensity. Indeed, there are some submissives who would never have dreamed of, for example, sampling My champagne, but after a few sessions are begging for it! Some limits are steadfast and some change – the art of Domination is knowing when and how to push those limits, if at all.

What I want to talk a little about are the limits I have Myself when in session. I think there is a general stereotype of sex workers of every type that we will take any session because we want the pay cheque. Of course, this is My job, but I carefully select the clients I take and never do anything I don’t want to, just because cash is on the line. This is more than a job – this is a vocation. I surround Myself with the clients I like who like what I do. This is the glorious variety of Femdom – if there’s something I don’t like to do in session, I can recommend another Domme who would relish that activity.

For example, I do not enjoy doing AB/DL sessions. I tried them out when I was training and they are just not for Me. No kink shaming whatsoever and no judgement – I totally respect and value age-players and nappy fetishists and their place in the kink community. It’s just not something that clicks with Me. Rather than fake it and give a sub-par session, I would prefer to recommend other Dommes who relish and delight in being Aunty or Nanny. But, as with limits, there are times when elements may creep into My play, pushing at My own limits. Would I allow a sub well known to Me to call me ‘Mummy’ in session if it was appropriate? I might. Would I accept a new sub wanting a full on session with nappy changing and eating baby food? No, probably not.

As seasoned as I am as a Domme, there are always new things popping up in session requests and some I love, others not so much. This can be somewhat nebulous, but there are a few things that over the last eight or nine years have remained limits for Me. Hard sports remain a no-no. Not because I’m repulsed by it, not because I wouldn’t relish the intensity of that kind of session, more because my body does not work to a timetable like that! I couldn’t reliably promise a sub that if they turned up for a session in My chamber, that I would be able to ‘perform’.

Breath play is another session that I don’t generally do. I’m experienced and know how to do this safely, but I think lung problems as a child have put me right off anything that means not breathing properly! Because I know I don’t enjoy those sessions, I have never bought My own kit to do it, so don’t offer it. Again, many other Dommes relish this kind of play and I’m sure I can point you in someone else’s direction if this is what you seek.

Though I’m not listing every single thing I won’t do, I think it’s worth closing this blog with a session that I do get asked for but ALWAYS turn down. I do not and will not engage with blackmailing fetishes or a kidnap scene. I completely understand how both could be thrilling and really scratch a kinky itch, but both of those things are crimes in the UK and I certainly will not be going to prison to satisfy a sub’s session requests. If it were ever to happen, I would require a document signed by the sub and witnessed by a lawyer to state that any such activity is sanctioned by the sub as a role play scenario and that full consent was given. Sorry to take the sexy out of it, but the real world sometimes has to creep into fantasy to keep everyone safe, not least Me.

All this said, do come and request your dream session. If it is beyond My limits, I will tell you so, but there are many, many sessions that delight Me and leave Me with a glow of satisfaction. I want to enjoy My sessions as much as you do. Let Me gently push at your limits and maybe, just maybe, it will gently push at mine.

Service slave required.

From time to time, these opportunities come up, and this is a special one.


I am recruiting a slave entirely to serve Me in My home and dungeon chamber. There is no fee to be paid, nor will I be paying you – this is a lifestyle arrangement for a submissive to add value to My life by providing their labour as an act of submission. The right slave can be of any gender or none at all, but must be local to the Cambridge area and be able to attend to My needs at least once a week. Duties will include, but are not limited to; cleaning, odd maintenance jobs around the house, organising the household, mowing the lawn, light decorating duties, possibly some meal preparation.

You will get a sense of humility and servitude from pleasing Me and freeing My time up for either work or pleasure, but I may grant intermittent opportunities for punishment or fetish indulgence, subject to My whim and preference.


This is a serious and rare chance for an exceptional submissive. I will be holding interviews. Email your proposal and impress Me. [email protected]



Something that is of utmost importance to every Domme but it bears repeating to assuage the fears of those new to BDSM and seeing a professional mistress for the first time.

Rest assured that while I do not answer calls from withheld numbers, this is not disrespecting your need for privacy. I screen My clients for My own safety and need to ensure I have details such as an email address or a phone number. What do I do with these details? Usually absolutely nothing. If I save numbers in My phone, it’s usually under a useful pseudonym (such as ‘CBT tights guy’ or ‘tall spanking slut’) and very occasionally under a nickname or first name (such as ‘mike humiliation’ or ‘jim cross dressing’) but nothing that would pick anyone out in a crowd. I never share these numbers or any email addresses and will only use your details to respond to your requests, nothing more. You will not have texts or calls from Me unless it is to answer a question or confirm receipt of a deposit and such like, and even then, I keep my language fairly vanilla and business-like.

Keeping confidentiality is paramount to My business and My ethics. Coming to have a session with Me is a break for you from the vanilla world, maybe the only place you can come to indulge your desires, maybe even to transform into someone else for a while. I have no interest in informing anyone about what we do in My dungeon or sharing any details – I take any breach of these bonds extremely seriously indeed. I expect the same courtesy back – if I see a sub in the vanilla world, I will likely ignore them completely for their own protection as being outed as a submissive can have consequences. Equally, if a sub came up to Me in the supermarket and loudly asks how my fisting session went, they will be dismissed completely. I’m extremely proud of My vocation, but am aided by discretion to conduct vanilla chores in peace and feel it unfair to impose kink on the general public who have not consented to such things.

There are, of course, some rare exceptions to this rule of complete privacy. If a client behaves badly or dangerously, either in sessions or whilst conversing with Me, it may be required for me to share those details with other Mistresses for their safety and well-being. I find most submissives to be genuine and compliant, but there are always a few bad apples to be found amongst any group of people.

So. Treat Me with the confidentiality you would expect to enjoy and there will be no problem whatsoever. I shall keep your darkest secrets and use them to toy with your body, mind and soul. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The dungeon is coming!

After months of searching, deliberating, and planning, my own dungeon space is coming together! So excited to have my own little lair again.

It will be a bijou little affair, but my furniture from MIV Furniture (@mivfurniture on twitter) is due to be delivered in early December. I have designed pieces to my exacting specifications, with a high quality finish you won’t see anywhere else. Pieces of note will be my custom spanking bench (with restraints, of course) for all my CP enthusiasts and a bespoke bondage bench, complete with a cage stashed underneath, so you will feel completely powerless and at the mercy of my whims.

All my equipment will be coming out of storage to provide a full range of torment and tease and I am adding to my stash of equipment on a weekly basis. There is a full range of paddles, crops and canes, CBT equipment, and rope and restraints to cater for almost any session activity.

The dungeon is being decorated to my preferred colour scheme (no ‘red and black’ like most dungeons seem to be) and promises to be a sensual, scented place with candles and soft furnishings.

I should be operational by early/mid December, so do keep your eyes peeled. It will be a VERY lucky sub who is granted the honour of christening my chamber. Will it be you?


Every Mistress conducts their affairs exactly as they wish, and for me, that means any new submissive to me is required to pay part of the session fee in advance to secure their booking – a mere £50 to confirm that I will be available to see you. Why? I’ll tell you.

As is well-known by Mistresses and other people working in the sex industry, there are many many reasons why a client will make a booking and not show up. Some of them get kicks out of speaking to a Mistress, so will make a booking, talk about the things they like, what they would want from a session, and never have the slightest intention of showing up. Often, I can tell when a caller has their dick in their hand whilst speaking to me, but not always. So do I fill my diary with bookings that will never show up? I would be foolish to.

Some submissives have the best of intentions, but they may be nervous, it might be their first time, they may have thought it was a great idea when they were drunk but in the cold light of day, they can’t go through with it. I understand this, but this is my livelihood – I cannot plan around ‘maybes’.

A deposit is only ever required for the first session a sub has with me and I expect at least 24 hours notice. This is because I invest in my sessions – every one is crafted to cultivate our chemistry, a client’s desires, pushing gently at limits, ensuring safety and a myriad of other things. It is a relationship which often continues into further sessions, deepening the bond. For returning subs, I have a little more idea as to what they like, how they like to play and so on, so I can sometimes accept a same-day appointment, never worrying about deposits for subsequent sessions. A bond is established. Trust is built, mutually.

I need to be able to rely on my submissives and that they turn up when they say they will. To prepare for a session, I must make sure everything is clean and tidy, I have the correct equipment checked over and ready to use, have any furniture in place. I have to ensure I am dressed appropriately for the session (corsets or latex can take a while to get into sometimes!), that my hair and make up are immaculate and that I am thoroughly rested and ready for the physical and emotional demands of the session including looking out for my submissive’s welfare. If I did that every time a person rang or emailed, with the number of time wasters that are out there, I would spend far much more time prepping for sessions that I would actually conducting them.

I offer a professional service that I have trained extensively for. If you were to book a comparable service (say, an event photographer or a bespoke tailor), they would almost certainly ask for a deposit also. It is to protect your booking and assure us you are a genuine sub. It means I have the time to plan and enhance your session. It is to make your time with me as good as it can be.


So show your respect, do the work, and pay your deposit. You’re opening up a world of exquisite pain and pleasure. It’s worth it.

On being a big beautiful woman.


As those of you with functional eyes may have now realised, I am indeed plus sized. I’m roughly a UK size 20 and I have no idea what I weigh. And, contrary to what the patriarchy tells me I should feel, I am by and large (pun intended) pretty happy with my body.

This wasn’t always the case. I used to be very unhappy with my body. I scrutinised the curve of my belly, the size of my breasts, the way my thighs jiggled. I barely ate and swam at least 30 lengths at least three times a week. I was a size ten. And I was miserable.

Various life events, not least taking various medications, meant my weight gradually rose over the years and here I am at 35 years old with a body I didn’t choose and I adore it. This body takes up space, demands attention. I cannot (and will not) shrink into the background. It is part of my dominance – I am a presence. I can also use my ample curves to smother, suffocate and jiggle in session to titillate and crush in equal measures. This body is strong and I wield it like a weapon.

My ample tummy may mean you do not see me squeezed into the corsets and waist-cinchers that other Dommes may favour, but whether you want to call me curvy, plus-sized, BBW or thick, my body is beautiful and I’ve never been happier with the way I look. When I was thin, I still had parts of my body I scrutinise and that hasn’t changed. But it will never change, because of the society I have grown up in. What I choose to change is my mindset.

I am beautiful, every curve is a blessing and you are welcome to come and worship. Can you handle me?

Welcome to the new site!

Greetings, darklings. Welcome to My new site.

People have been asking for a little detail about Me as a Domme, so do peruse the site and drop Me a line if you’d like to see any additions. Be polite and realise I may not listen to your opinions.

As for the new site, a few notes. I am not new to Cambridge, nor am I new to Domming! I trained as a Domme some years ago in the North of England and then took time off to pursue some other interests, engage in some further education (I have a masters degree), grow and mature. Now I am in My mid-thirties, I find myself in the salubrious city of Cambridge and now have the means and the inclination to return to pro Domming with My own chamber in the works.

Finding the perfect chamber is proving more difficult than I had initially hoped, so I am conducting sessions from a discreet domestic premises in the North of the city. To reflect the lack of traditional dungeon furniture and unique dungeon atmosphere, these will be offered at a reduction to My usual hourly rate.

As for My style of Domming, it is both traditional and unusual. While My dynamic very much depends on the slave, I can be playful and laugh through a session, or I can be cruel and strict. I cherish My pets but can also be harsh with My punishments. While I love some traditionally feminine looks, I am rarely seen in heels or in traditional ‘Dominatrix gear’. I like unusual and bold fashion and present Myself exactly as I wish for sessions.

Lastly, and quite obviously, I am a plus-sized woman. I love all of My curves and am not seeking to change that. I flaunt My curves and use them to My advantage. If you are looking for a ‘BBW’ mistress or a mistress you know has the power to smother or break you, then you are welcome to make a polite application to serve Me.

Who is brave enough to approach Me? Come and play.