Something that is of utmost importance to every Domme but it bears repeating to assuage the fears of those new to BDSM and seeing a professional mistress for the first time.

Rest assured that while I do not answer calls from withheld numbers, this is not disrespecting your need for privacy. I screen My clients for My own safety and need to ensure I have details such as an email address or a phone number. What do I do with these details? Usually absolutely nothing. If I save numbers in My phone, it’s usually under a useful pseudonym (such as ‘CBT tights guy’ or ‘tall spanking slut’) and very occasionally under a nickname or first name (such as ‘mike humiliation’ or ‘jim cross dressing’) but nothing that would pick anyone out in a crowd. I never share these numbers or any email addresses and will only use your details to respond to your requests, nothing more. You will not have texts or calls from Me unless it is to answer a question or confirm receipt of a deposit and such like, and even then, I keep my language fairly vanilla and business-like.

Keeping confidentiality is paramount to My business and My ethics. Coming to have a session with Me is a break for you from the vanilla world, maybe the only place you can come to indulge your desires, maybe even to transform into someone else for a while. I have no interest in informing anyone about what we do in My dungeon or sharing any details – I take any breach of these bonds extremely seriously indeed. I expect the same courtesy back – if I see a sub in the vanilla world, I will likely ignore them completely for their own protection as being outed as a submissive can have consequences. Equally, if a sub came up to Me in the supermarket and loudly asks how my fisting session went, they will be dismissed completely. I’m extremely proud of My vocation, but am aided by discretion to conduct vanilla chores in peace and feel it unfair to impose kink on the general public who have not consented to such things.

There are, of course, some rare exceptions to this rule of complete privacy. If a client behaves badly or dangerously, either in sessions or whilst conversing with Me, it may be required for me to share those details with other Mistresses for their safety and well-being. I find most submissives to be genuine and compliant, but there are always a few bad apples to be found amongst any group of people.

So. Treat Me with the confidentiality you would expect to enjoy and there will be no problem whatsoever. I shall keep your darkest secrets and use them to toy with your body, mind and soul. Doesn’t that sound like fun?