Every Mistress conducts their affairs exactly as they wish, and for me, that means any new submissive to me is required to pay part of the session fee in advance to secure their booking – a mere £50 to confirm that I will be available to see you. Why? I’ll tell you.

As is well-known by Mistresses and other people working in the sex industry, there are many many reasons why a client will make a booking and not show up. Some of them get kicks out of speaking to a Mistress, so will make a booking, talk about the things they like, what they would want from a session, and never have the slightest intention of showing up. Often, I can tell when a caller has their dick in their hand whilst speaking to me, but not always. So do I fill my diary with bookings that will never show up? I would be foolish to.

Some submissives have the best of intentions, but they may be nervous, it might be their first time, they may have thought it was a great idea when they were drunk but in the cold light of day, they can’t go through with it. I understand this, but this is my livelihood – I cannot plan around ‘maybes’.

A deposit is only ever required for the first session a sub has with me and I expect at least 24 hours notice. This is because I invest in my sessions – every one is crafted to cultivate our chemistry, a client’s desires, pushing gently at limits, ensuring safety and a myriad of other things. It is a relationship which often continues into further sessions, deepening the bond. For returning subs, I have a little more idea as to what they like, how they like to play and so on, so I can sometimes accept a same-day appointment, never worrying about deposits for subsequent sessions. A bond is established. Trust is built, mutually.

I need to be able to rely on my submissives and that they turn up when they say they will. To prepare for a session, I must make sure everything is clean and tidy, I have the correct equipment checked over and ready to use, have any furniture in place. I have to ensure I am dressed appropriately for the session (corsets or latex can take a while to get into sometimes!), that my hair and make up are immaculate and that I am thoroughly rested and ready for the physical and emotional demands of the session including looking out for my submissive’s welfare. If I did that every time a person rang or emailed, with the number of time wasters that are out there, I would spend far much more time prepping for sessions that I would actually conducting them.

I offer a professional service that I have trained extensively for. If you were to book a comparable service (say, an event photographer or a bespoke tailor), they would almost certainly ask for a deposit also. It is to protect your booking and assure us you are a genuine sub. It means I have the time to plan and enhance your session. It is to make your time with me as good as it can be.


So show your respect, do the work, and pay your deposit. You’re opening up a world of exquisite pain and pleasure. It’s worth it.