It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I am highly academically qualified. I have made extensive studies and have professional experience in sexuality and gender; My masters degree is in Sexual Dissidence. I train adults and other professionals in aspects of gender and sexuality, both in professional settings (NHS, charity sector, corporate) and in less formal settings (community groups, small soirées etc).


I offer bespoke work in the areas of sexuality and gender and can offer the following:


  • BDSM or sex education for adults
  • Training in most areas of BDSM for aspiring Mistresses or amateurs
  • Participation in panel discussions, talks, etc.
  • Talks for community groups and private parties


I also take great pride in My activism in areas such as decriminalisation of sex work, trans rights and feminism.


All these sessions are crafted for the individual/group and for ages 18+ only. Contact Me for more information and rates – [email protected]