Everyone loves to receive a gift but there is a lot of joy in giving. You see the excitement of them wondering what lies beneath the paper and ribbons, the intrigue as they peel back the layers and the delight of discovering what someone has chosen just to please them and make them smile. And subs and slaves do like to bring gifts for their Dommes, to please them, to attempt to curry favour, to make their lives a little bit brighter or a little bit easier.

Chocolate and flowers are common gifts but I’m afraid I find them well-intentioned but lazy gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive bespoke items (although they are always well-received) but for Me, it has to be something that shows Me a sub has thought about Me and My needs and wishes, about what I as an individual would cherish. Have a look through My twitter, even resort to My wishlist (where there are many reasonable items listed) to ensure that you can bring me something I truly would enjoy.

While I do like the finer things in life, a really special and impactful gift can cost next to nothing at all. A sub had once noticed on My twitter that I needed a minor repair on a dripping tap and came to session with a washer (which probably cost him 5p) and some tools and used the last ten minutes of his session time to fix it for Me. He showed an active interest in pleasing Me and worked to improve my life, even if in a small way. Handmade things which cost little more than the time and energy to make them are truly special and personal. Knowing my food tastes and bringing little unusual delicacies from your own kitchen could certainly make My eyes light up. Bringing My favourite brand of tea or something grown in your garden would be delightful. It’s all about the intention and how thoughtful you can be that adds value.

For Me, Dominance need not be about having vast quantities of expensive kit, just as gift-giving does not have to be diamonds and designer dresses (although, of course, I wouldn’t turn them away). It’s about taking the time to research and get to know your Domme and bring them something from the heart. 

A sad bunch of tulips from a petrol station just doesn’t cut it. Bring Me something that means something.