I wanted to say a word on limits. By which I mean, not those of My subs, but My own.

A submissive’s journey with Me will heavily rely on what limits they have and how hard those limits are. Whether it’s ‘please Mistress, no marks’ or ‘humiliate me completely but please no comments on my weight’, everything is heard and respected. As time goes on and the relationship between Myself and My submissives deepens and develops, those limits may be gently challenged and pushed at to level up the intensity. Indeed, there are some submissives who would never have dreamed of, for example, sampling My champagne, but after a few sessions are begging for it! Some limits are steadfast and some change – the art of Domination is knowing when and how to push those limits, if at all.

What I want to talk a little about are the limits I have Myself when in session. I think there is a general stereotype of sex workers of every type that we will take any session because we want the pay cheque. Of course, this is My job, but I carefully select the clients I take and never do anything I don’t want to, just because cash is on the line. This is more than a job – this is a vocation. I surround Myself with the clients I like who like what I do. This is the glorious variety of Femdom – if there’s something I don’t like to do in session, I can recommend another Domme who would relish that activity.

For example, I do not enjoy doing AB/DL sessions. I tried them out when I was training and they are just not for Me. No kink shaming whatsoever and no judgement – I totally respect and value age-players and nappy fetishists and their place in the kink community. It’s just not something that clicks with Me. Rather than fake it and give a sub-par session, I would prefer to recommend other Dommes who relish and delight in being Aunty or Nanny. But, as with limits, there are times when elements may creep into My play, pushing at My own limits. Would I allow a sub well known to Me to call me ‘Mummy’ in session if it was appropriate? I might. Would I accept a new sub wanting a full on session with nappy changing and eating baby food? No, probably not.

As seasoned as I am as a Domme, there are always new things popping up in session requests and some I love, others not so much. This can be somewhat nebulous, but there are a few things that over the last eight or nine years have remained limits for Me. Hard sports remain a no-no. Not because I’m repulsed by it, not because I wouldn’t relish the intensity of that kind of session, more because my body does not work to a timetable like that! I couldn’t reliably promise a sub that if they turned up for a session in My chamber, that I would be able to ‘perform’.

Breath play is another session that I don’t generally do. I’m experienced and know how to do this safely, but I think lung problems as a child have put me right off anything that means not breathing properly! Because I know I don’t enjoy those sessions, I have never bought My own kit to do it, so don’t offer it. Again, many other Dommes relish this kind of play and I’m sure I can point you in someone else’s direction if this is what you seek.

Though I’m not listing every single thing I won’t do, I think it’s worth closing this blog with a session that I do get asked for but ALWAYS turn down. I do not and will not engage with blackmailing fetishes or a kidnap scene. I completely understand how both could be thrilling and really scratch a kinky itch, but both of those things are crimes in the UK and I certainly will not be going to prison to satisfy a sub’s session requests. If it were ever to happen, I would require a document signed by the sub and witnessed by a lawyer to state that any such activity is sanctioned by the sub as a role play scenario and that full consent was given. Sorry to take the sexy out of it, but the real world sometimes has to creep into fantasy to keep everyone safe, not least Me.

All this said, do come and request your dream session. If it is beyond My limits, I will tell you so, but there are many, many sessions that delight Me and leave Me with a glow of satisfaction. I want to enjoy My sessions as much as you do. Let Me gently push at your limits and maybe, just maybe, it will gently push at mine.