I work from my own personal chamber on the outskirts of Cambridge city, discreetly located and well stocked with all manner of furniture and implements of cruel anguish.

All applications to serve Me should be polite, well-thought out and reverent. If I have NOT sessioned with you before, a non-refundable deposit will be required by direct bank transfer to secure your appointment. I will not provide you with any sexual services so do not embarrass yourself by asking.

Every submissive is different, so it follows that every session is bespoke for the needs of each individual. The more I know about your desires, the more I can craft an experience to thrill your senses and play with your mind. When making an application, please ensure that you have read through every section on My website and remember that the more detail you go into via email (about your desires, experience, dates and times you wish to book for etc) the better I will be able to provide an individual and exciting session. I am a professional who you can trust with your fantasies, kinks and desires – I am first aid trained and will never put my sub in an unsafe situation.

I am more than happy to engage with clients who wish to play and experiment with gender, and I can be barbarous with the humiliation of my slaves, but I will never shame or ridicule someone for their gender expression (‘sissies’ etc). All colours of the LGBT+ rainbow are welcome in My chamber.

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