Mistress Ceres is amazing and had me under Her spell from the moment i entered Her chamber. She exerted Her dominance expertly; helping me feel comforted and looked after, yet simultaneously, suitably chastised and severely punished. 

During the sessions i have had so far, i have enjoyed spending time kneeling at Mistress’ feet as She instructed me on safety measures, discussed my needs, questioned me on my behaviour and informed me of my punishments and future targets. i have also spent a great deal of time bent over the spanking bench. Whilst in this position, i have been: caned (one time a harsh 30 stroke cold caning for not achieving a target); paddled hard to beat an important lesson into me (Mistress certainly knows how to use a paddle); and whipped with a riding crop, because, well, Mistress does not always need to tell me Her reason! She can also spank hard with Her hand and appears to have a penchant for punishing feet with Her cane and ruler. i hope that i am soon well behaved enough to earn a trip over Mistress’ lap to receive a ‘good girl‘ hand spanking. Mistress has also punished me in a variety of other creatively sadistic ways… It seems Her imagination knows no bounds!

Mistress is very intelligent and well-educated; Her intellectual, psychological and physical strength and dominance radiate from deep within. i am utterly besotted by Mistress and in awe of Her ability to know if i need gentle encouragement and humour or a stern approach and severe punishment.

As a bisexual cis woman, i do not represent a typical visitor to Mistress’ chamber, but She welcomes everyone of all sexualities and genders (or none) into her chamber. She is happy to punish and dominate anyone who demonstrates due respect and humility. 

Do contact Mistress with your deepest, darkest desires and She will craft a session that will live up to your filthiest fantasies! But be careful what you wish for; Mistress will push your limits in ways that are impossible to anticipate. 

Also, bring gifts. Mistress deserves them!

– sub m.

This was the first time that I have visited Mistress Ceres; I had been looking at her website for some time, but this was the first opportunity I had to make an appointment. I had no problem finding her house as I know the area well. I arrived on time and Mistress greeted me wearing her floaty red dress and with a lovely smile which put me at my ease.

We went up to the dungeon room and Mistress Ceres went through the rules and safe words with me on my knees in front of her, of course! Then down to business; me strapped down on the spanking bench and Mistress using her hand and then a variety of implements and finishing with her cane.

Then on to the bondage bench, again strapped down with Mistress applying a lot of pegs to certain places. Mistress Ceres was very kind, as well as being demanding, as she regularly asked if I was okay; this was probably because it was my first time with her. I think she may push my limits further each time I visit her!!

Finally it was back on the spanking bench for another caning so there ended my first session with Mistress Ceres. I hope to be able to visit her again soon; that is, of course, Mistress accepts me as a suitable case for treatment!

– sub I

I was really excited to find Mistress Ceres’ website, and didn’t have to think twice before contacting her to ask for an appointment. After a very efficient and friendly exchange of  emails the time and date were set, and I duly arrived as agreed at her place in a nice area of Cambridge.  Mistress welcomed me warmly and showed me straight up to her dungeon, which is beautifully and tastefully decorated.  In the email exhange I had requested a thorough spanking, and Mistress spent a few minutes carefully talking through what I wanted and what my limits were – it was obvious from this that I was going to be very safe and expert hands.

The session proper started with Mistress instructing me to undress and then taking me over her knee for a very thorough hand spanking, which was really delightful and painful at the same time (Mistress Ceres can spank very firmly, which was exactly what I had asked for).  After plenty of  OTK I was ordered over the spanking bench and tied down (Mistress checked with me first that I was happy to be restrained), and she then got to work on my backside with a series of implements, in increasing order of severity. This started with a paddle (which had a soft side and a hard side, and I could certainly tell the difference), then moved onto  two different  riding crops, then  a slotted wooden spoon (this packed quite a sting, apparently because the slots prevent an air cushion forming and arresting the blow), and swiftly followed by a broad belt.  After another hand spanking Mistress then produced her cane and proceeded to give me ten strokes, which I was required to count and thank her after each stroke.  As the climax to the session I was  instructed to choose two implements  (I chose the paddle and the cane) and was awared  ten hard strokes of each, again with me thanking Mistress after each stroke! After one last hand spanking, my punishment was at an end and I was released from the spanking bench. Needless to say, by this time my bottom was very hot and sore indeed – which is exactly what I had wanted  of course.

This was my first visit to Mistress Ceres, but I will certainly come back for more. She is  a lovely lady, and I felt completely safe and relaxed throughout (even when she was caning me!). I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– slave n.

I arrived punctually and was warmly greeted by Mistress Ceres who was delightfully dressed in a red flowing dress revealing her tasteful tattoos. Her manner and tone immediately made it clear who was in charge but a twinkle in her eye hinted that she enjoys her work and would make the session I had discussed with her by email a fun and challenging experience.

A brief discussion ensued where Mistress Ceres demonstrated her professional care by ensuring she understood what I wanted and where my limits might lie and then she simply took full control.

The session sped by and Mistress Ceres showed herself to be very creative and challenging despite no doubt never having encountered some of my more unusual fetishes! I have never been able to take myself too seriously in such sessions and was delighted when Mistress Ceres shared my humour and appeared to have just as much fun as I did. There was much laughter and occasional squeals from me as Mistress demonstrated her accuracy with various tools of choice!

In short, Mistress Ceres is very good at her chosen work. She takes an intelligent and thoughtful approach and appears to genuinely enjoy herself. Pay her a visit. See if you have a fetish she has never heard of! You will make her day!

– slave b.

I arranged a visit to Mistress Ceres while visiting Cambridge. She was prompt and concise in arranging the session and i arrived a couple of minutes late which was noted. She was comfortable taking control and had the session well constructed and certainly knows how to provide discipline. The session went quickly and i left feeling well punished and would look to visit again the next time i am there. A nice clean venue.

– slave d.

Myself and a play partner rented Mistress Ceres’s dungeon for a 2 hour session in January. We both had an excellent time, and I’d very definitely recommend this playspace to any couples and Pro-Dommes/Doms looking for a dungeon-for-hire in Cambridge. Ceres was very welcoming and polite from the second I stepped through the door. She’d allowed me to arrive half an hour early to show me the facilities, tell me where to put used implements for cleaning afterwards, etc. The dungeon was well-equipped. During the course of play, my sub was CBTed lying on top of a cage, and strapped to a spanking bench to have various implements – both my own and the dungeon’s – applied to his feet and backside. Riding crops, wooden spoon, paddles, the cane…

Opaque blinds were pulled down over the windows to prevent anyone seeing into the room, but the lighting was still more than adequate to work with, and the room was well-enough heated and insulated to keep the cold January outside at bay. Which is especially welcome when changing out of one’s clothes and into a catsuit! I would advise anyone using the dungeon for the first time to allow an extra few minutes for their journey. Even with Google Maps, one particular turning looks as though it’s onto a private road. It isn’t, but you may lose some time if you go past it, and the layout of the buildings after that point is a little maze-like. Still, once you’ve found it, it’s well worth it.

– Mistress Melody.